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"Make money by driving"

Make Money by Simply Driving Your Car
by Bobbi Dempsey
Wednesday, August 5, 2009
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You probably have heard stories about businesses that will pay you just to drive around with an advertisement on your car, but do these opportunities really exist? And, if so, how do you find them?

They're called "free car" programs or "get paid to drive" promotions. These programs do exist, although they aren't as plentiful as they once were. The key is knowing where to look and having what it takes to make you an ideal advertising driver.

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How it works

Here's the basic premise of the "paid to drive" concept: A company seeks people -- regular citizens, not professional drivers -- to go about their normal routine as they usually do, only with a big ad plastered on their car. The ads are typically vinyl decals, also known as "auto wraps," that almost seem to be painted on the vehicle, and which often cover a large portion of the car's exterior surface.

The car owner is then compensated, usually a few hundred dollars per month, which is essentially a "rental" payment for letting the company use that space. In the past, there's also been a "free car" version of this concept. The company provided the driver with a new, prewrapped car. In this situation, the drivers usually didn't get any cash; their payment amounted to the free use of a new car. However, companies quickly discovered that giving away a bunch of free cars didn't make economic sense, so few still take this approach, says Drew Livingston, president of Free Car Media in Los Angeles.

What does the company get out of this type of ad strategy? Lots of exposure. The auto wraps tend to be colorful and eye-catching and attract lots of attention. Plus, it's a form of advertising with a captive audience, meaning people who are stuck in traffic and can't avoid seeing the wrapped car alongside them, Livingston says.

The companies usually select drivers who live in desirable locations such as high-traffic, urban areas. A company's ideal driver can vary depending upon the target demographic they want to reach, according to Brandon Clarke of DrivenMedia, a Phoenix-based advertising company that specializes in creating branded vehicle campaigns for clients. For example, a tech or electronics company may seek drivers who live on or near college campuses, so as to gain exposure with the college crowd.

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The vehicles in these programs are often equipped with GPS tracking devices, so the companies can make sure the drivers spend sufficient time in the desired areas.

'Paid to drive' primetime

Paid-to-drive programs were very popular five to 10 years ago. Gas was cheaper, and people were spending more time on the road. There were plenty of Web sites devoted to these programs, including many fee-charging sites that acted as a middleman and promised to connect willing drivers with companies seeking vehicles for their ads.

Then, fuel prices spiked and people weren't spending as much time in their cars, Clarke says. At the same time, online advertising became the rage.

Current opportunities

Still, there are opportunities out there, if you know where to look.

Livingston says his company's client companies still have plenty of campaigns running nationwide. Business slowed slightly right before the recession but returned when the economy started going south.

"Consumers are seeking ways to make money, while companies are cutting back on spending for television campaigns and looking for more affordable advertising strategies," Livingston says.

On average, Livingston's clients put about 800 to 1,000 wrapped cars on the road.

Like other similar companies, Free Car Media serves as a matchmaker. Interested consumers register at and then are notified when they meet the criteria a client seeks in potential drivers.

Drivers are paid an average of $700 to $900 per month, with campaigns usually running a few months long. Drivers use their own cars which are fitted with the wrap. "They don't actually get a free car," Livingston says. "But the monthly payment is generally enough to cover their auto expenses like car payment, gas, etc., for the month, so that's where the name comes from."

It doesn't cost anything for drivers to sign up, and Livingston warns people to avoid any sites that do charge a fee.

"There are a lot of unscrupulous companies that want to charge you $20, $30 or more when you can get this information yourself for free. I get calls on a weekly basis from people who are upset because they were scammed," he says. Livingston says that anyone who is directed to his site after paying a fee to another service should demand a refund.

Adding to the confusion, many of the sites -- legitimate and questionable -- have very similar names, often some variation of the words "free" and "car." So it's important to check out the Web site carefully, watching for any mention of fees or membership costs.

Finding drivers

Clarke says his company puts a lot of effort into recruiting brand influencers, or drivers who are a perfect fit for the client's target audience.

"Recent engagements have focused on family-oriented and consumer driven advertisers who are generally trying to create awareness within a specific region among active moms with active families," Clarke says, adding that busy soccer moms would make perfect driver candidates for these campaigns. "With active families being such a coveted demographic, incorporating their vehicles is ideal since they're getting tremendous exposure parked in the pick-up line at school, at the Saturday morning soccer games, etc."

There are important criteria for driving candidates. "Background, driving record, employment verification, personal interview, as well as having mandatory minimum auto insurance coverage are part of the vetting process," Clarke says. "We're also looking to incorporate an online personality assessment tool and a short online defensive driving course."

Interested drivers can sign up for opportunities at "We compensate drivers within a range of $300 to $500 per month, with incentives and other engagements that allow them to earn more," Clarke says. "Our typical campaign lasts three to six months, with the time frame and vehicle type being the primary factors for determining their monthly compensation."
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Terrelle Pryor run 4.33 40yd dash

Wake me when Terrelle Pryor's fake 40 time eclipses speed of sound
By Matt Hinton
I'm pretty much sold on Terrelle Pryor as the awe-inspiring heir to Vince Young's torch as the lanky, multi-faceted, absurdly fast quarterbacking beast of every defense's nightmares. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer added another dimension to that today when it reported that Pryor is the fastest player on Ohio State's team, an innocent enough proposition until you get to the details:

His [Pryor's] 40 time was a speedy 4.33. Sophomore receiver Lamaar Thomas said he ran a 4.37 and no one else ran under 4.4 when the players were timed early this summer. ...

"I'm not so sure he might not be one of the fastest guys in the conference," OSU coach Jim Tressel said of Pryor. "I'm not sure that's a bad thing. Our other guys aren't slow."

If that time is correct, it would make Pryor not only the fastest Buckeye, but surely one of the fastest humans on earth. Consider that a 4.33 40 is significantly faster than any quarterback has run for the electronic clocks at the NFL Combine in the last four years, including Pat White (who turned in an official 4.55 in February at 197 pounds), and in fact more than a full tenth of a second faster than any running back or cornerback ran at this year's combine. Only one player at that entire event, Darrius Heyward-Bey, came in with a faster time (4.30) than Pryor's alleged 4.33. Of Pryor's six non-lineman teammates in Indianapolis -- a group that included Beanie Wells, Malcolm Jenkins and Brian Robiskie -- only one, cornerback Donald Washington, came in under 4.5 (4.49). In 2007, Ted Ginn Jr's "official" workout times ranged from 4.37 to 4.45, which knocked the scouts out. Ginn then weighed 178 pounds. Pryor's usual analog, Vince Young, reportedly ran the 40 in 4.58 seconds in 2006 at 228 pounds, on what was apparently considered a "fast track" in Austin. Some plausible (though hardly foolproof) speculation has suggested that a 4.33 is a hair faster than the time Usain Bolt turned in on the first 40 yards of his world-record 100-meter sprint in the 2008 Olympics, or than any other world-record 100-meter sprinter has turned in on the first 40 yards going back to Ben Johnson in 1988.

Terrelle Pryor is listed at 235 pounds. His long, gazelle-like stride does make him deceptively fast. But a legitimate 4.33 at 235 pounds would make him an actual gazelle. A human being of that size moving at that speed is not yet conceivable. This is not Florida-level fake, but still: Totally bogus.

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Ex-Idol Contestant Says Show Is Rigged

Ex-Idol Contestant Says Show Is Rigged
Posted Wed Jul 29, 2009 3:48pm PDT by Lyndsey Parker in Reality Rocks
Some ousted season 8 American Idol top 36 semi-finalists--including Felicia Barton, Kendall Beard, and Ju'Not Joyner--participated in an online chat with the Idol website AI Now today. And during his frank online conversation with fans, Ju'Not came right out and said that the TV talent show is in fact rigged, and that its contracts are unfair to contestants..

"It's a fixed thing if I ever saw one," he boldly declared--much to the shock of many naive chatters, who responded with capslocked interjections and frowny-faced emoticons..

It was hardly the first time that AmIdol had been accused of wrongdoing. A book loosely based on anonymous former Idol employees' experiences with the show, Stage 46, made similar allegations last year. But few detractors have ever been as brutally honest as Ju'Not was today..

Ju'Not--who by his own account was labeled a "troublemaker" by Idol producers for questioning the contract (which he dubbed a "slavetract") that all auditioners are required by Fox/19 to sign, and was allegedly told by Idol bigwig Ken Warwick, "You're not going to ruin my show"--explained that he wanted to set the record straight today. He stated that he wanted to reveal "truth of Idol" because "Idol ain't all it is cracked up to be...It's certainly not the fairytale most think it is.".

Ju'Not claimed he was cut from the competition, and not invited back for the Wild Card round (a shock to many viewers wowed by his memorable "Hey There Delilah" performance) because of his concerns regarding the fairness of the Idol contract..

"They pay for our lawyers to negotiate against their lawyer (which is BS)," he said. "They make us COLLECTIVELY choose the lawyer, then they act like it's in our best interest. Craziest stuff I've ever seen. I have a son to feed. I HAD to ask questions and know what I was signing. Plus I write my own songs and I needed to know details...Some folks were like, 'Just shut up and sign on the dotted line.' I know better than that...I wasn't complaining...I was asking basic legal questions. There's a huge difference between the two.".

He continued: "I definitely believed that affected my time on the show. They didn't like the fact that I wouldn't sign 'just anything' and that other contestants were coming asking me questions. So I think they ousted me the first chance they could get...Even if I didn't get in on did I not get picked for the Wild Card show when I received comments from the 'judges' that were better than most of the contestants who were picked for the Wild Card show?".

Ju'Not also theorized that he was not selected for the top 13 because he refused to let the show's producers exploit his sympathetic "back story" of being from "the hood." Said Ju'Not: "They wanted me to put that out to the world and expose my personal business for ratings. I wouldn't do it.".

While Ju'Not made it clear he believes Kris Allen is indeed talented and deserved to win this season, he also maintained that Kris's victory was fixed. "The producers know who they want and they slant it to reflect that. They fix it in a way that makes you surprised but it's still manipulated," he typed. "Think about it...ADAM, ADAM, ADAM, then...Kris....SURPRISE SMITHCHES!!!!.

"What I mean is that people think AI is a talent show," he elaborated. "No. It's a reality show with writers!! We're all actors. All these shows have writers that guide the public opinion. The Hills, Real World. All of them." He even bluntly questioned the validity of the public's votes, saying, "Do you think a billion-dollar enterprise is subject to the whim of the public?".

Naturally, while some chat participants applauded Ju'Not's frankness, others questioned his motives, since few other Idol contestants have come forth with such accusations. Ju'Not explained: "No one else is complaining because a lot of the contestants don't understand how this business works. They've never had record deals or seen a record contract...I have. So I knew what questions to ask. It's kinda like ignorance is bliss. Some contestants may have thought it was just cool to be on TV, but this is my career. I take this thing VERY seriously...Very few people spoke up. They saw me as the ringleader. I'm not naming names. Because I have nothing against the other Idols." .

So, was Ju'Not speaking the truth? If so, then he is to be commended for his bravery. But it's possible he was just trying to drum up publicity for the "hot" new album he's self-releasing this winter, in which case he's a typical showbiz opportunist. Or maybe he's just a bitter reject, desperately angling for a 16th minute of fame and dreaming of what might have been. All of this is up for debate. .

But there is no debate that Ju'Not is, as he worded it today, "a straight-up person." He definitely went there.

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"Occult meanings behind holidays"

Sex - Satan & Pagan History: Effects On Society?

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Written by Christina Aubin
Wednesday, 01 April 2009
May Pole - or Male Part?
Easter - or Ishtar?
Samhain - or Shayton?

"Fertility Festivals" Exposed

Valentine's Day (blood sacrifices) -
St. Patrick's Day (wearing green) -
Drinking green beer -
And the "Trinity" (in a clover leaf)

The "May Pole" celebration is actually taken from phalic worship (male sex organ).
The words "Easter" is actually from the goddess of lust, passion and desire - Ishtar. Fertility rituals and pagan worship include the use of eggs, rabbits, images of private parts and even human sacrifice.

"My question is about celebrating holidays like Memorial Day, Easter and May Day? - It bothers me and I am asking 'WHY?' -
Why do some extremists insist on avoiding the chance to have fun and enjoy some western style entertainment?"
- Abdul Nafsi, Miefurst, UK ---------

Good question - Here's the answer =
Actually, Islam forbids "All Muslims" (not just 'extremists') from participating in other religious ceremonies, rituals and celebrations. The "holy days" (holidays) you mentioned are all from other religions, and for the most part - pagan worship . . . . .

There are many holidays (holy-days) in Europe's history of pagan festivals, none so well known as "Easter" or the "Feast of Ishtar" the goddess of lust and passion. But "Easter" was not the only spring festival of mating and fertility. Beltane, Imbolc and Ostara also contribute to pagan worship and satanic celebrations. Read about "Beltane" (Samhain or shayton) and the festival associated with him .

Beltane & Bel-Fire
Or Samhain, Shayton & Hell-Fire?

From "Beltane - Holiday Details & History" by Christina Aubin

Beltane is the last of the three spring fertility festivals, the others being Imbolc and Ostara. Beltane is the second principal Celtic festival (the other being Samhain). Celebrated approximately halfway between Vernal (spring) equinox and the midsummer (Summer Solstice). Beltane traditionally marked the arrival if summer in ancient times.

At Beltane the Pleiades star cluster rises just before sunrise on the morning horizon, whereas winter (Samhain) begins when the Pleiades rises at sunset. The Pleiades is a cluster of seven closely placed stars, the seven sisters, in the constellation of Taurus, near his shoulder. When looking for the Pleiades with the naked eye, remember it looks like a tiny dipper-shaped pattern of six moderately bright stars (the seventh can be seen on very dark nights) in the constellation of Taurus. It stands very low in the east-northeast sky for just a few minutes before sunrise.

Beltane, and its counterpart Samhain, divide the year into its two primary seasons, winter (Dark Part) and summer (Light Part). As Samhain is about honoring Death, Beltane, its counter part, is about honoring Life. It is the time when the sun is fully released from his bondage of winter and able to rule over summer and life once again.

Beltane, like Samhain, is a time of "no time" when the veils between the two worlds are at their thinnest. No time is when the two worlds intermingle and unite and the magic abounds! It is the time when the Faeries return from their winter respite, carefree and full of faery mischief and faery delight. On the night before Beltane, in times past, folks would place rowan branches at their windows and doors for protection, many otherworldly occurrences could transpire during this time of "no time". Traditionally on the Isle of Man, the youngest member of the family gathers primroses on the eve before Beltane and throws the flowers at the door of the home for protection. In Ireland it is believed that food left over from May Eve must not be eaten, but rather buried or left as an offering to the faery instead. Much like the tradition of leaving of whatever is not harvested from the fields on Samhain, food on the time of no time is treated with great care.

When the veils are so thin it is an extremely magical time, it is said that the Queen of the Faeries rides out on her white horse. Roving about on Beltane eve She will try to entice people away to the Faeryland. Legend has it that if you sit beneath a tree on Beltane night, you may see the Faery Queen or hear the sound of Her horse's bells as She rides through the night. Legend says if you hide your face, She will pass you by but if you look at Her, She may choose you. There is a Scottish ballad of this called Thomas the Rhymer, in which Thomas chooses to go the Faeryland with the Queen and has not been seen since.

Beltane has been an auspicious time throughout Celtic lore, it is said that the Tuatha de Danaan landed in north-west Connacht on Beltane. The Tuatha de Danaan, it is said, came from the North through the air in a mist to Ireland. After the invasion by the Milesians, the Tuatha faded into the Otherworld, the Sidhe, Tir na nOg.

The beginning of summer heralds an important time, for the winter is a difficult journey and weariness and disheartenment set in, personally one is tired down to the soul. In times past the food stocks were low; variety was a distant memory. The drab non-color of winter's end perfectly represents the dullness and fatigue that permeates on so many levels to this day. We need Beltane, as the earth needs the sun, for our very Spirit cries out for the renewal of summer jubilation.

Beltane marks that the winter's journey has passed and summer has begun, it is a festival of rapturous gaiety as it joyfully heralds the arrival of summer in her full garb. Beltane, however, is still a precarious time, the crops are still very young and tender, susceptible to frost and blight. As was the way of ancient thought, the Wheel would not turn without human intervention. People did everything in their power to encourage the growth of the Sun and His light, for the Earth will not produce without the warm love of the strong Sun. Fires, celebration and rituals were an important part of the Beltane festivities, as to insure that the warmth of the Sun's light would promote the fecundity of the earth.

Beltane marks the passage into the growing season, the immediate rousing of the earth from her gently awakening slumber, a time when the pleasures of the earth and self are fully awakened. It signals a time when the bounty of the earth will once again be had. May is a time when flowers bloom, trees are green and life has again returned from the barren landscape of winter, to the hope of bountiful harvests, not too far away, and the lighthearted bliss that only summer can bring.

Beltane translated means "fire of Bel" or "bright fire" - the "bale-fire". (English - bale; Anglo-Saxon bael; Lithuanian baltas (white)) Bel (Bel, Bile, Beli, Belinus, Belenos) is the known as the bright and shinning one, a Celtic Sun god. Beli is the father, protector, and the husband of the Mother goddess.

Beltane is the time of the yearly battle between Gwyn ap Nudd and Gwythur ap Greidawl for Creudylad in Welsh mythology. Gwyn ap Nudd the Wild Huntsman of Wales, he is a god of death and the Annwn. Creudylad is the daughter of Lludd (Nudd) of the Silver Hand (son of Beli). She is the most beautiful maiden of the Island of Mighty. A myth of the battle of winter and summer for the magnificent blossoming earth.

In the myth of Rhiannion and Pwyll, it is the evening of Beltane, that Rhiannon gives birth to their son. The midwives all fell asleep at the same time, as they were watching over Rhiannon and her new baby, during which he was taken. In order to protect themselves, they smeared blood (from a pup) all over Rhiannon, to which they claim she had eaten her son. The midwives were believed, and Rhiannon was forced to pay penance for seven years. She had to carrying people on her back from the outside of the gate to the palace, although rarely would any allow her to do so. The baby's whereabouts were a mystery. Oddly, every Beltane night, one of Pwyll's vassals, Teirnyon Twryv Vliant, had a mare that gave birth but the colt disappeared. One Beltane night Teirnyon Twryv Vliant awaited in the barn for the mare to foaled, when she did, he heard a tremendous noise and a clawed arm came through the window and grabbed the colt. Teirnyon cut off the arm with his sword, and then heard a wailing. He opened the door and found a baby, he brought it to his wife and they adopted Gwri Wallt Euryn (Gwri of the Golden Hair). As he grew he looked like Pwyll and they remembered they found him on the night Rhiannon's baby became lost. Teirnyon brought Gwri of the Golden Hair to the castle, told the story, and he was adopted back to his parents, Rhiannon and Pwyll, and and named by the head druid, Pryderi (trouble) from the first word his mother had said when he was restored to her. "Trouble is, indeed, at an end for me, if this be true".

This myth illustrates the precariousness of the Beltane season, at the threshold of Summer, the earth awakening, winter can still reach its long arm in and snatch the Sun away (Gwri of the Golden hair). "Ne'er cast a clout 'til May be out" (clout: Old English for cloth/clothing). If indeed the return of summer is true than the trouble (winter) is certainly over, however one must be vigilant.

On Beltane eve the Celts would build two large fires, Bel Fires, lit from the nine sacred woods. The Bel Fire is an invocation to Bel (sun god) to bring His blessings and protection to the tribe. The herds were ritually driven between two needfires (fein cigin), built on a knoll. The herds were driven through to purify, bring luck and protect them as well as to insure their fertility before they were taken to summer grazing lands.
An old Gaelic saying: "Eadar da theine Bhealltuinn" - "Between two Beltane fires".

The Bel fire is a sacred fire with healing and purifying powers. The fires further celebrate the return of life, fruitfulness to the earth and the burning away of winter. The ashes of the Beltane fires were smudged on faces (think of “Ash Wednesday” when priests put ashes on the foreheads of pennant Christians) and the ashes are scattered in the fields. Household fires would be extinguished and re-lit with fresh fire from the Bel Fires.

Celebration includes frolicking throughout the countryside, maypole dancing, leaping over fires to ensure fertility, circling the fire three times (sun-wise) for good luck in the coming year, athletic tournaments feasting, music, drinking, children collecting the May: gathering flowers. children gathering flowers, hobby horses, May birching and folks go a maying". Flowers, flower wreaths and garlands are typical decorations for this holiday, as well as ribbons and streamers. Flowers are a crucial symbol of Beltane, they signal the victory of Summer over Winter and the blossoming of sensuality in all of nature and the bounty it will bring.

May birching or May boughing, began on Beltane Eve, it is said that young men fastened garland and boughs on the windows and doors of the young maidens upon which their sweet interest laid. Mountain ash leaves and Hawthorne branches meant indicated love whereas thorn meant disdain. This is likely the forerunner of old May Day custom of hanging bouquets hooked on doorknobs.

Young men and women wandered into the woods before daybreak of May Day morning with garlands of flowers and/or branches of trees. They would arrive; most rumpled from joyous encounters, in many areas with the maypole for the Beltane celebrations. Pre-Christian society's thoughts on human sexuality and fertility were not bound up in guilt and sin, but rather joyous in the less restraint expression of human passions. Life was not an exercise but rather a joyful dance, rich in all beauty it can afford.

The Maypole is an important element to Beltane festivities, it is a tall pole decorated with long brightly colored ribbons, leaves, flowers and wreaths. Young maidens and lads each hold the end of a ribbon, and dance revolving around the base of the pole, interweaving the ribbons. The circle of dancers should begin, as far out from the pole as the length of ribbon allows, so the ribbons are taut. There should be an even number of boys & girls. Boys should be facing clockwise and girls counterclockwise. They each move in the direction that they are facing, weaving with the next, around to braid the ribbons over-and-under around the pole. Those passing on the inside will have to duck, those passing on the outside raise their ribbons to slide over. As the dances revolve around the pole the ribbons will weave creating a pattern, it is said that the pattern will indicate the abundance of harvest year.

In some areas there are permanent Maypoles, perhaps a recollection of ancient clan Bile Pole memory. In other areas a new Maypole is brought down on Beltane Eve out from the wood. Even the classical wood can vary according to the area tradition is pulled from, most frequently it seems to be birch as "the wood", but others are mentioned in various historical documents.

Today in some towns and villages a mummer called Jack in the Green (drawing from the Green man), wears a costume made of green leaves as he dances around the May pole. Mumming is a dramatic performance of exaggerated characters and at Beltane the characters include Jack in the Green and the Fool. The Fool, and the Fool's journey, symbolism can be understood in relation to Beltane as it is the beginning of beginnings, the emergence from the void of nothingness (winter), as one can also see the role of the green man as the re-greening of the world.

Traditionally in many areas Morris dancers can be found dancing around the Maypole. Morris dancing can be found in church records in Thame England going back to 1555 in the fourteenth century. Morris dancing is thought to have originated many centuries ago as part of ancient religious ceremonies, however it seems that Morris dancing became associated with Mayday during the Tudor times, and its originating history is not all that easily traced, as is the way with many traditions.

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Wrestiling with Principalities

Wrestling with Principalities
Written by Ken Garrison
The question often arises why the United States must be the "police force" for the world. Why is it that US forces must be the ones used to restrain Saddam Hussein? Why must the US concern itself with the balance of power in the Balkans? Why should the US be engaged in the process of dividing up the land of Israel and giving significant parts of it to the Palestinians? These questions should be troubling to every American and, especially, every American believer. We submit that the problem arises from demonic influence on the national level.
Operation of a Demon Spirit on a Personal Level


A demon-spirit has a given capacity to influence a person toward the specific activity associated with that particular demon-spirit.


In order to understand the more general problem of demonic control or manipulation of an entire nation, we will consider demonic manipulation of a single individual. Consider the demon-spirit of lust. Lust is a demon-spirit that turns the natural drive of reproduction into unnatural sexual expression. We define a demon-spirit as a spiritual entity with the capacity to manipulate a host (person) to participate in destructive activity. Some characteristics of demon-spirits include: (a) they are always present, (b) they continually seek to be manifested, and (c) they have no ability to repent or change. A demon-spirit is comparable to a vector quantity in physics. A vector quantity has magnitude in a given direction. Thus, a demon-spirit has a given capacity to influence a person toward the specific activity associated with that particular demon-spirit. In the case of lust, the demon-spirit has the capacity to influence a person to become sexually engaged in an immoral activity. Typically, the demon-spirit perverts a natural, God-given drive into something unnatural and destructive.
A demon-spirit requires a human host in order to be manifested in the physical realm. The host must yield itself to the expression of the demon-spirit for it to be manifested. If the host considers God's law as defining acceptable and unacceptable activity, then the influence of the demon-spirit will simply be rejected. Evil spirits always attempt to influence a person to act contrary to the Law of God. If the host is ignorant of God's law or chooses to ignore God's law, then he may choose to give manifestation to the demon-spirit. This invariably ends in the destruction of the host.

The only solution for the host is deliverance. The demon-spirit must be expelled and the host must commit to return to the natural, God-given function. If the demon-spirit is not expelled, it will continually lead the host into a pattern of ever-increasing perversion and destruction.

Operation of a Demon Spirit on a National Level
Most have little difficulty envisioning a demon-spirit operating on an individual level, but it is much more difficult to envision the same process on a national level. The process is essentially the same; however, in the latter case, the demon-spirit seeks to be manifested through an entire nation rather than through an individual. The demon-spirit that seeks to be manifested through a national entity is the spirit of "global dominance". The demon-spirit of "global dominance", like the individual demon of lust, (a) is always present, (b) continually seeks to be manifested, and (c) cannot change or repent. Following the Scriptural pattern recorded in Daniel 10:20, we will call this demon-spirit of "global dominance" the "Prince of America".
When God judged Babel (Genesis 11:1-9), He scattered the people and in the process formed the nations. Hence, each nation represents an entity formed directly by the will and activity of God. The nation itself is not an evil entity. Some scholars believe that the instructions given to Noah following the flood (Genesis 9) include the requirements for the formation of governments. If we interpret this section of Scripture in this manner, we can conclude that God intended man to form national governments. The activity of God at Babel essentially expelled the demon-spirit of "global dominance" from his chosen host. In every age he has sought other suitable hosts through which he could be manifested.

In order to understand the nature of the perversion that has engulfed the US over the past 50 years, we will consider the natural function of the government of this nation. We may understand the intentions and purposes of those who were instrumental in the formation of the United States of America by considering the Preamble of the Constitution. According to this document, the natural function of the government of the United States is to (a) establish justice, (b) provide domestic tranquility, (c) provide for the common defense, (d) promote the general welfare, and (e) secure the blessing of liberty. The Constitution was drawn up to define how the fulfillment of these very elementary functions would be pursued. Please note that there is nothing in this document concerning "global dominance"; this is not a natural function of the government of the United States. However, the spirit of "global dominance" is ever present and waits for a weakness in the host that would allow it to be manifested.

The opportunity for the manifestation of the demon of "global dominance" occurred at the end of World War II.


The opportunity for the manifestation of the demon of "global dominance" occurred at the end of World War II. At that time, the United States emerged as the undisputed military leader of the world; it was the undisputed industrial leader of the world; and it was the victor in the recent worldwide struggle. Finally, the United States possessed the ultimate weapon: the atomic bomb. At the conclusion of WWII in 1945, two paths were open to the US: (a) it could return to the natural function of government defined above, or (b) it could be host to the demon-spirit of "global dominance". Obviously it chose the latter path.

At the end of WWI, President Wilson attempted to get the US into the posture of "global dominance" by joining the League of Nations. However, the people of the US resisted this attempt and forced the government to return to the natural functions of government outlined in the Preamble. No such resistance was exercised at the end of WWII.

The effort toward global dominance was directed by the formation of the United Nations. The UN would be the instrument used to entice all nations to participate in this global "democratic process", i.e., the General Assembly. Meanwhile the real power was reserved for the Security Council. The Security Council was designed to be controlled by its permanent members with the US commanding the dominant position. In reality, the USSR challenged US dominance for 40 years. This was known as the "Cold War". In the end, the US prevailed and emerged as the lone "superpower". Today we have a global government (the UN) which serves as an instrument to enact those policies that are important for the US to maintain "global dominance".

Following WWII, the US was the only major economy that had been strengthened during the war. Most major industrial powers had been devastated during the war. The US moved to develop international commerce by encouraging the establishment of free-market economies throughout the world. At that time industries in the US prospered greatly. Eventually US-centered industrial giants branched out to become the multi-national corporations of our day. Today, there is one interconnected global economy built upon the cornerstone of the US economy. Because of this, the US is committed to intervene anytime any major player gets into trouble.

The advance in technology has been and continues to be essential for the US to maintain global dominance.


In the 50 years since WWII, there has been an amazing development of technology in the world. Just like industrial progress, this development has been centered in the US. The advance in technology has been and continues to be essential for the US to maintain global dominance. Therefore, enormous resources are continually invested in research and development. As a result, the US military is equipped with the most amazing weapons of war. Surely, any nation that would consider challenging US dominance would have to give serious thought to the impact of being on the receiving end of these weapons. This was demonstrated in the Persian Gulf War. The only real challenge today is terrorism.

Since the "Prince of America" has been manifested through the US, Americans have experienced two major trends. The first is material prosperity and national pride. The era following WWII in the US has been unprecedented. The country has become rich with houses, cars, boats, and all kinds of trinkets that supposedly make our lives more easy and enjoyable. In addition to material prosperity, the people have become puffed up with pride. No longer do they ask why the US is sending troops to interfere in the quarrels of other regions of the world. It is taken for granted that this is simply the responsibility of America. This nation is proud to bear it.

A second trend that has resulted from being a willing host to the "Prince of America" is that the nation has suffered great moral degeneration. Many ask today how a once relatively righteous nation could now give expression to every form of evil. We witness the plagues of abortion, homosexuality, destroyed families, hatred, lying, murder, drugs, and so forth. This nation is experiencing a downward spiral of destruction which appears to have no end. Indeed, this is just exactly what we would expect of a nation that has given itself over to demonic manifestation. We understand that the individual who gives himself over to demonic control is invariably destroyed. Exactly the same thing is happening on a national level. There are real questions of how much further things can develop before the society collapses.

A final sign of coming doom resulting from being host to the "Prince of America" is that the nation takes an anti-God, anti-Christ stand in the world. This can be seen in the fact that the US is at the center of activities intended to divide up the land of Israel. Both the prophets Joel and Zechariah issued stern warnings against those who would attempt to divide up God's land (Joel 3:2) and determine the disposition of Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:1-3). The US has been engaged in these activities for the entire life of the modern state of Israel. An even greater deception exists because the US continually portrays itself as a great friend of Israel while exerting its power to destroy Israel. The end result is God's very personal and powerful judgment of America.

How should believers respond to this situation? The most important step is to recognize the nature of what has happened over the past 50 years. Believers are called to be witnesses against the evil manifested in their societies. We must also speak out in light and truth. Do not be deluded by the deception of our age. Do not become a willing participant in the manifestation of the "Prince of America".

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons
God’s “chariots” number “...tens of thousands and thousands of thousands” (Psalm 68:17a), driven by angels (all created by God) numbering “...thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand” (Dan. 7:10b; Rev. 5:11a). Literally translated, the phrase “myriads of myriads” is used here, indicating a virtually unlimited, almost countless number of angels. The activities of all angels, good or bad, are commanded or allowed by God.

Satan spearheads the war of evil against good—in the heavenlies and on earth. However, since he can be in only one place at a time (unlike the Holy Spirit, Who is everywhere at once—Psalm 139:7), God has granted him permission to utilize a host of spiritual beings to do his work. Evil spiritual entities are quite real, initially created to be officials of good (as was Lucifer/Satan) but which were deceived by Satan (just as we are deceived by him) to turn away from good and to embrace evil instead.

Not being omniscient, omnipotent, nor omnipresent, as God is, Satan cannot know about nor control every activity of each angel who has chosen to do evil. Thus, his kingdom is one in which internal corruption and lust for personal gain among the fallen angels cause many of Satan’s plans and undertakings to fail, as these angels often do what they feel will benefit themselves with little regard for Satan or other evil angels. (This, of course, is common among humans as well.) Jesus aptly stated, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined...” (Matt. 12:25a).

The Bible appears to show that Satan has induced one-third of the angels (sometimes referred to as “stars”—Judg. 5:20a) to lose their citizenship in heaven (Rev. 12:3,4a), as he himself did (Ezek. 28:16b,17b—see “heavenly citizenship revoked”: C-7, P-I), although they still have retained the privilege of accessing heaven (Job 1:6, 2:1). At the midpoint of the future 70th Week, however, they (along with Satan) permanently will be thrown out of and banned from heaven by all the good angels, led by the archangel Michael (Rev. 12:7-9—see “middle of the 70th Week”: C-12, P-III, S-1). And they will, with Satan, be engaged in the final, climactic wars involving mankind upon the earth.

Friday, November 28, 2008


The Corporate Takeover of the Nations

The Corporate Takeover of the Nations

Today, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the US government is not looking out for the welfare of its citizens. A quick glance over a local newspaper or a few minutes of watching the evening news is enough to confirm to most that the government has the interests of big business in the forefront of its mind. This country’s citizens are experiencing great hardships, wide-scale unemployment, homelessness, and ever increasing debt. The US government has allowed, through the passing of a variety of laws, for these multinational corporations to increase their profits not only on the backs of the people, but also to the destruction of the earth from oil spills, from dumping chemicals in waters, from cutting down rainforests, from the melting of the polar icecaps, and from spewing toxic items into space.

Daniel 7:17-19 & 23 Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.

The government has allowed multinational corporations to privatize many aspects of our lives. This privatization or what they refer to as deregulation has turned each industry that it has touched on its head. From the deregulation of the phone industry, natural gas industry, railroad industry, airline industry, banking industry, radio broadcast industry, trucking industry, and the cable television industry. Next on their deregulation agenda is the national electrical industry, the national sanitation industry, the prison industry, the public water industry, and yes, the educational industry. So if you think there are unequal and impoverished schools in the “hood” now when there is supposed to be government regulations, just wait until private industries are allowed to govern our students as they see fit, regulations dismissed.

The savings and loan banking deregulations scandal was the probably the worst deregulations disaster recorded to date nationally. Headed up by George Bush and his fellow Texas accomplices at the infamous Enron Corporation, this banking deregulation resulted in their stealing billions of dollars from the nation’s citizens, the destabilization of the American banking system, the closing of many long existing banks and the setting up of the Enron corporation for their next big heist, the deregulation of California’s electric industry.

The deregulation of California’s electrical industry almost bankrupted the entire state. During 2000 and 2001, the Enron Corporation was enabled by state and federal politicians, to take control of and manipulate, the entire state’s electric energy sources. Both the politicians and the corporate thieves told the California public that they were paying too much for electric energy and removing the governmental rules over the corporations would result in great savings to the common man. This lie couldn’t have been father from the truth. Throughout those 2 years the Enron Corporation caused widespread electric blackouts, in the middle of devastating heat waves and even a declaration of a state of emergency for the state! This deception cost Californians over $45 billion. Even today, Californians still pay 40% more for electrical energy because of this deregulation. Arnold Schwarzenegger who took the governorship, is comrades with these same corporations. Schwarzenegger is today helping to try to extend the electric deregulation to the rest of the states, this time dropping the name deregulation and instead calling it, “free market” trade.

As if all this weren’t bad enough the corporations have been given the complete green light from the government in the field of the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology involving genetically modified Frankenstein foods and now cloned animal meat for human consumption. The Food and Drug Administration has just passed mandates allowing these companies to not tell consumers that the meats that they are purchasing are from laboratory cloned animals. The FDA has also passed mandates that pre-processed meats like hot dogs, cold cuts, and other deli meats will now be sprayed with five separate live viruses.

How did all of these totally illogical decisions come to be? Why are these things allowed to happen? The answer to these questions is two fold. The quickest answer is that government officials get paid very well in contributions to vote agreeably for the multinational corporations. When their political careers are over, the corporations even have jobs promised and waiting for them and for their family members.

Both high-ranking judges and influential politicians have in the past and continue in the present, to work for great profit for the same multinational corporations that they offered favors to while in federal office. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was, prior to his appointment to the Supreme Court, a high-ranking regulatory lawyer for Monsanto, an infamous and tremendously powerful pharmaceutical company responsible for many international injustices. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was, while directly employed for Monsanto, responsible for fighting against all laws that would protect the citizens, and would negatively effect Monsanto’s multi-million dollar bottom line.

Donald Rumsfeld was previously the President of Searle, a subdivision of Monsanto. He is now Secretary of Defense. In 2000, Ashcroft received the largest recorded campaign contribution, by once again the Monsanto Corporation. Not only do the employees of large corporations end up in government, but they also immediately return to the same corporations only to again return to the government agency responsible to protect the public against that same corporation, then to return again to the corporation. If this sounds unbelievable, look into the employment history of many of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s high-ranking officials, especially, Linda Fisher. As a Bush appointed official, she bounced back and forth between Executive Vice President for the Monsanto corporation, to being the Deputy Minister of the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency, only to return to Monsanto, then back again to the EPA and so on. This flip-flop continued for at least three times at last count. This regrettable corruption is not by any means uncommon.

The second answer to the question of why does all this corruption exists is much more covert and sinister. The founding forefathers of America have openly acknowledged their membership in secret society organizations. Here in America, the godfather of secret societies has been the Freemason organization. Most all of the signers of the Bill of Rights were members of this secret organization. Members of this Brotherhood make eternal vows to it above all else. These eternal vows override national and patriotic boundaries. This means that while the 13 colonies were fighting to gain supposed independence from Europe, the founding forefathers maintained their allegiance foremost, not to their future American citizens, but they maintained their highest allegiance to their fellow international Fraternal Freemasonry brothers.

Understand the importance of such and action. Every decision, every political appointment, and every judicial appointment was based on fraternal membership solely. George Washington, the first American President, was selected to be President by his Freemason brothers and not elected by the people. Almost every American President following Washington has either been a member of one of the international secret societies or the close relative of one.

Now the question is, what does this internal nepotism within the US government from its start until the present have to do with today’s bond between the government and multinational corporations? Well, follow this story a little further. Just as the brotherhood in this newly created nation made certain that its members controlled the American governmental and judicial systems, it also funded, promoted, and utilized independent businesses started or owned by their fraternal brothers. An example of these secret society connected corporations includes the longstanding Revere Copper pots, pans and industrial products company. Still in existence today, this corporation founded by Paul Revere, a renown Freemason, has escaped buyouts, mergers, and closures with a little help from its Freemason friends.

These secret societies are, simply put, the emissaries of Satan. With their goal of a New World Order and their faith in their Satanical god, these Illuminati based Brotherhoods hope to assist their god, Lucifer, in fulfilling his desire to replace the true God, YHWH. This was expressed in Isaiah 14:12-14

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

These emissaries of Satan exist generation after generation for the sole purpose of setting the stage to eventually coerce the entire world to follow Lucifer. Setting this international stage for Satan, however, requires preparation and this preparation begins with control and control is exactly what the Freemasons attained by the turn of the 19th century in this new nation, America. By the beginning of the 1800’s America had already become the yo-yo of the fraternal Freemasonry order. The fraternal government appointed their fraternal judges, to then pass laws to positively affect their fraternal corporation owners.

One of the most flagrant abuses made to the American nation by the corrupt fraternally appointed judges occurred in 1886. The U.S. Supreme court ruled that a private corporation was . . . “a natural person.” This one ruling gave corporations all the rights of a person. This one ruling gave a non-living thing more rights than YHWH’s Holy children, the Hebrew Israelites, who were still living in captivity within in a post chattel slavery system, under the designation of being 3 fifths of a man.

Sixty years after this ruling, a later Supreme Court Justice, Justice William Douglas, wrote about the previous ruling, stating that . . .”there was no history, logic, or reason, to support that enactment.” Despite the fact that that ruling was unjust and criminal, it still stands today, allowing corporations to pretty much do as they wish.”

The research and chemical giant, Dupont Corporation has been a major international business player utilizing its Demonic secret society influence since its inception in 1802. The Dupont Corporation was founded by an immigrant French family, with deep Freemasonry membership and ties. It was their Freemasonry brethren in France that funded the company’s beginnings here in America. Dupont was one of the major companies to utilize its Fraternal brothers in government and the legal systems to change laws for its direct benefit to the hurt of society and the land.

Dupont lobbied the lawmakers during the turn of the 20th century to make hemp illegal. Hemp is the proper name for the plant known today as marijuana. This wild plant was not outlawed because of drug usage as we hear today. It was outlawed in order for the Dupont corporation to amass great amounts of fortune by replacing the virtually freely growing weed with Dupont’s patented synthetic fibers. Hemp is the strongest plant fiber material. Betsy Ross’s flag was made of hemp, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written on hemp. Hemp was used throughout history as paper, ship rope, cloth, oil, and a great fuel source. Dupont had a patent on a synthetic chemical compound that broke down wood pulp for making paper from trees.

You didn't need to cut down trees to make paper because for thousands of years because virtually all known paper was made from Hemp and it can be produced at 1/4 the cost, 1/5 the pollution, it's 10 times stronger and lasts 10 times longer.

Even the soldiers’ uniforms in the Revolutionary War were made out of Hemp and so were the covered wagons of the early settlers. Hemp is far superior to cotton. Hemp is 26 times stronger and lasts 10 times longer than cotton. The first Levi jeans were not made of cotton, they were made of hemp. Henry Ford, maker of the first commercial car, designed his first car, the Model T, to run solely on hemp fuel. The car itself was made of hemp, the hemp resin panels’ impact strength was 10 times stronger than steel. He used the hemp that he grew in his garden to fuel his cars.

Although the Illuminati based corporation, Dupont, benefited from removing hemp from American society, so did many other secret society based families and corporations. One industry and family that benefited more so from backing the elimination of hemp, was the Rockefeller family. The Rockefeller family owned Standard Oil Trust and bought up most all other oil and petroleum companies right around the start of the 20th century. Gasoline was pretty much worthless until 1911. But in their usual act of uniformity, the fraternal corporate brothers lobbied their fraternal political brothers to inform their fraternal judicial brothers to make illegal, a freely growing weed. Henry Ford a fellow Freemason in line with his brethren, in turn, redesigned his Model T car not to run on hemp, but on gasoline, from that point on crude oil and gasoline have been kings.

Today, however, be on the lookout for a particular strain of hemp coming back into American culture. These Illuminati corporations have now been successful at creating a hybrid form of the hemp plant that has supposedly eliminated the THC or intoxicating effect related to the plant. This patented form of hemp is now coming back in full form to the marketplace, of course now, at a much higher price.

But remember, the purpose of these secret society corporations. Yes, more money means more power and power is necessary to take over, but more important is control. Allowing common people options reduces the control of Lucifer.

Its not only today, that these corporations enjoy flexing their powerful muscles; returning to the early 20th century, one of previously mentioned corporate Illuminati leaders, Dupont, and their fellow fraternal brothers in the banking field, J. P. Morgan corporation, as well as the Goodyear corp. were said to be responsible for both an attempted assassination of an American President and for an attempted military US government take over from democracy to fascism.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt or FDR as he was best known as, was raised as an American aristocrat complete with high level ranking in the Freemasons. But, just as the scriptures revealed, there would be a splitting of Satan’s Holy Roman Empire that has ruler ship over this earth. Part of this splitting of the European empire between East and West continued to occur during the first half of the 20th century with the two world wars.

Daniel 2:31-33 Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. . . . This image's head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay.

Daniel 2:40-41 And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron.. . . and subdueth all things . . . the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron. . .

Somewhere during this battle however, FDR and his backers enraged Dupont, JP Morgan and their backers. FDR had campaigned prior to election to president to maintain the gold standard, which allowed all US money to be transferable into gold. After he was elected, he changed his stance and was determined to not only take the US off of the gold standard, but to force all Americans to turn in any gold that they owned, by penalty of imprisonment. Shortly after that decision, there was an assassination attempt on his life. A few months later, the French born Dupont associates along with the JP Morgan associates conspired with an American general, Smedley Butler to convince him to along with ½ million veterans, to overthrow the FDR presidency, complete with their monetary backing.

Although FDR backers did not support this action, they also were not going to imprison and mock their fellow Illuminati brothers. This major act of treason was brought to Congress by General Butler and even proven to be true, but the Freemasonry owned media dismissed the whole story and the Freemason judicial and political systems refused to charge or even address the Duponts or the Morgans. This break in Illuminati bonds was temporary. Throughout World War II US corporations continued to support US supposed enemies, their Fraternal brothers.

Ford and GM supplied European fascists with trucks and equipment as well as investing money in I.G. Farben plants. The Rockefeller’s Standard Oil supplied the “enemy” with fuel. US Steel and Alcoa supplied them with critically needed metals. American banks gave them billion's of dollars worth of loans.

Throughout this entire process the Illuminati based secret societies never lose sight of their goal that they had printed on the US dollar of “One World Order”. Regardless of the spin/lies that are spouted from their media, Satan’s emissaries, work in unison towards their father’s goal.

Secret societies are well known to be in existence in western Europe and on the North American continent, but these societies have been around since the times of antiquity and exist on every continent with representatives in all governments. The country of China is an example of this with its tremendous population and ancient societal beginnings. The Hongmen are called China’s version of Freemasons. Just as in America, these fraternal brothers hold high positions in their government and just like in America, these secret society members make seemingly totally illogical decisions regarding the citizens and nature in lieu of benefiting multi-national corporations. China in the past has been known for its fertile land with its many vibrant rivers flowing throughout much of its countryside. The same land is now not even able to support all its farmers and most of its fresh water is poisoned. China’s government agencies have allowed multi-national corporations to contaminate and dump toxic industrial wastes directly into the rivers and lakes. China’s government itself is directly responsible for destroying the rivers, the lands, and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of its citizens. China’s government has over the last 50 years built over 86,000 dams, more than any country in the world. Despite the fact that thousands of these dams have failed, flooded surrounding lands, created dry, lifeless deserts where there was once water and have killed hundreds of thousands of people, this has not slowed down their building of new dams. They are now in the process of building the largest dam ever.

While China spends millions on the creation of tremendous dams and industrial plants, they had been spending absolutely nothing, no money on the treatment of human sewage. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that the first wastewater plant was built, prior to that, China’s human waste had been pumped directly into the rivers and lakes untreated! This human and industrial wastewater, lake, and river mixture is then later used to irrigate the farmer’s crops. There is no surprise that the country’s rate of cancer, disease and infection is the highest worldwide. China’s Yellow river now flows red with contamination in some areas.

These governmental decisions on an entirely different continent are so alike to the illogical decisions made by all the world’s leaders, especially those in America. Previously in China with the world’s largest population, the people had been able to provide for themselves, farming, raising animals and living off the plenteous rivers and lakes. Now that the Illuminati directed officials have built thousands and thousands of dams, locks and barrages on each river and pumped pollutants into the remaining waters, these peasants are starving and forced to leave the countryside and work for the multinational corporations in the overcrowded cities. So now, previously self-sufficient populations are tied, like Americans, into the industrial hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck reliance upon corporations to exist.

The result, on a spiritual level, is the creation of the perfect setting for the Beast in the book of Revelations where the majority of the people are confined with no visible options, except to take the mark of the Beast in order to buy or sell, thereby guaranteeing them everlasting damnation.

Revelation 13:15-18 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

The corporations and government Illuminati are also using another area in which to control the people of the earth. Since the early 1900’s corporations have petitioned the American government along with other national governments to increase their power of patenting. These patent laws were expanded so much as to make it legal for a corporation to get a patent or sole ownership of plants, animals, herbs, seeds, hybrids and anything else. The only exclusion that presently exists is that they are not allowed to own a patent on a full born human baby, but they are quickly working to even eliminate that rule.

This mass changing of the patent laws gives complete control and ownership of all plants and animals to large corporations. Even plants that have been in existence since biblical history are now owned by these super powerful corporations. The Monsanto Corporation, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies, decided to extend its power from selling poisonous pharmaceutical drugs into owning vegetable and fruit seeds. Monsanto now forces all farmers to buy their adulterated seeds because they own the patents to both the altered seeds as well as the natural seeds. They are now making it illegal for a farmer to grow a plant, such as a watermelon then save the seeds that grow inside the plant in order to plant the seeds that are created inside the fruit. They are forcing farmers to only buy from them and the other handful of large corps that own all of the patents.

If that weren’t bad enough, these large corps have now created what is called terminator seeds. The plants that are produced from these seeds will not reproduce plantable seeds. The life span of the plant is only one harvesting. This is totally against Yah’s plan in nature.

Genesis 1:11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

Genesis 1:12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

These corporations have already allowed their genetically modified seeds to be “accidentally” spilled into farmer’s fields that did not want modified seeds. There is no way physically to tell the difference in the seeds until the crop is harvested. The next step is for these same companies to spread throughout international fields these terminator seeds, choking out the natural seeds that can reproduce and replacing them with a food crop that canot renew itself. This would equate to world starvation or world control.

These nations led by the corporations and their government brethren are simply being brought to destroying this world just as it is written in the book of Daniel that the 4th beast would break the earth into pieces and just as it is written in the book of Ezekiel chapter 38 these the nations will be led voluntarily into the battle of Armageddon for the sole reason to be destroyed.

Ezekiel 38:3-5 and 15-16

And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal: And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords: Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet:. . . .

And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army: And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may

know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.

Lucifer’s was given dominion over this world by the Most High God, YHWH. Satan uses his power and wealth to tempt all men, just as he did tempt the Messiah, Yahshua after his forty day fast.

Matthew 4:2, 8-10 “And when he [Yahshua] had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungred. . . .the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Then saith Yahshua unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship YHWH thy Elohim, and him only shalt thou serve. Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.”

People with an ear to hear must follow the law and statues of the Most High and try to live as the Messiah Yahshua showed us, all while teaching others this Word. Picketing the large corporations, lobbying government, will not change what is to come. Our salvation is in our obedience and in the covenants that Yah made with his people, the so-called Negro.

Matthew 24:6-8 & 12-13 “ And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. . . . And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”

Daniel 7:27 And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"Learn before you vote"

Monday, October 27, 2008
Vote Black?

The 2008 Hip Hop Awards came on the other day and it proved one thing to me. Some black folks will be dumb until Jesus comes back! How can anyone look at pimps, thugs, and gangsters as a good thing that needs to be celebrated? How did Hip Hop become the voice of our youth to the point that the black church is bending over backwards for it's acceptance? This is a shame. But one thing that they did on this show that really got me going was the push for a "black" vote in the election. Not knowing the issues at hand, but yet and still, they constantly pushed the young folks and HIp Hop fans to "vote black" this election.

How embarrassing! These folks undid everything that Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of in one dumb hour! They took apart his dream and the civil rights movement by pointing to the black candidate as the mandatory vote of black people. This is sad. Martin Luther King said that he dreamed of the day when people would not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character! How can you say, "vote black" and not go against that dream? Just because an african man mixed with white is running does not mean he is the right choice or the only choice for black people. We are moving to the back of the bus again and we don't even see it. As far as straight politics goes, Blacks are the only race of people that are not bipartisan. We have been conditioned to be on one side and never split our vote. Other races and ethnic groups including, hispanics, catholics, and jews put people on both sides of the ticket for leverage and a voice no matter how the pendulum swings. But blacks stay at the back of the bus and don't spread out so when we lose, we lose our voice and power. That's slave mentality.

Our freedom to vote is our right to vote that was fought for by many civil rights leaders in the past. This is the right to vote either way, republican or democrat, and most importantly, it is our right to NOT vote at all if we don't feel that either candidate deserves our support. We have corrupted the freedom of voting so much these days that people don't even know the issues at hand and they are just voting the color of their skin or what pop culture is dictating to them. I'm sorry folks, but we can't stay on this road. This is the road that leads to the accepting of the mark of the beast. This is the road that hides the truth and promotes the lie. This road will get you voting for economics rather than morality. And that's the road that will lead to the antichrist! The bible said that in the end, you will not be able to buy or sell unless you pledge your allegiance to the beast! Buy or sell? That's economics. Thats money! And if you are voting for economic reasons and not considering morality or your own convictions, then you are essentially doing exactly what the bible predicts will happen in the end. People will begin to vote in the man that will lead us to the antichrist and the end. They will vote this man in based on economic issues and popularity. He will be voted in because of the financial crisis of the government and people will not even consider his true moral ethics. Black Christian leaders have totally abandoned the bible in this election. They have chosen culture over Christ and have accepted the 3 things that the antichrist will implement in his rule. Abortion, Homosexuality, and the silencing of the truth! These things are on the table and being ignored because of the color of a man's skin?

Muhammad Ali faced the challenge of not fighting in an American war because it went against his religious convictions. He became an African American hero because of it. With that said, if you do not feel that either candidate in this race fits your conviction, then you are obligated to NOT vote at all. I know black people go crazy when you talk like this and they bring up all the slaves that died and the folks that fought for your right to vote. Yet in that same breath, they don't think of the millions that have died of AIDS through homosexual activity, the millions of lives that are not here because of abortion, nor do they consider the millions that are deceived because the church is silent on moral issues!

Sure many fought and died for the right to vote. But that fight was not just for a right to vote, but a right to chose to vote. After all, if we are forced to vote, we didn't have a right to not vote and thus we are still bound and not free. And if you don't have a choice that is comfortable or in line with your convictions, then what do you do? Pick the lesser of 2 evils? Or pick the black man because you are black? God forbid! I will not be guilty of ushering in the antichrists policies because a man is of color! I am not practicing to receive the mark of the beast. And if you are voting against your own beliefs and bible for the sake of money, color, or party biases, then you have just passed the mark of the beast test. You have just proven that socialistic reasons supersede your spiritual convictions! And this is exactly what the antichrist will do. He will exalt himself above God and make his immoral beliefs acceptable by all. And without question we see that Barack Obama has caused preachers and pastors, great and small, to follow him in spite of his antichrist morals. Abortion, homosexuality, and the silencing of the church are on his ticket and yet black church folks don't care. The very things that are killing us as a people are the very things that we are in favor of. The scariest part is that this is just rehearsal for the coming rule of the antichrist and the black church has lined up on the wrong side! I'm not saying that McCain is the answer, but I'm saying that if you are voting, your convictions as a believer in the bible should out weigh every thing else.

How did we get here? Why are we ignoring the obvious here? The money problems America is having is just a prelude to the coming of the one world government and the rule of the antichrist. That's why his policies are being tested here in America. I'm not calling Obama the antichrist, but I'm saying his policy is in line with the morality of the King of the East that will rise up and rule. Barack Obama plans to go into churches and demand that they accept the homosexual agenda. Michelle Obama even bragged at the gay and lesbian counsel of the Democratic National Convention about going into a black church and telling them to stop being homophobic and accept the gay agenda. You can hear it for yourself below.

Yet, the black church is so full of homosexual activity, it was a plan all along by the enemy to get these homosexual leaders of the black churches in power so that when this agenda comes through the White House, they would lead their flocks directly into it. God showed me 15 years ago that every major black pentecostal denomination would be lead by a homosexual before Jesus returns. And now, they are all in place and leading this nations black churches into the arms of the antichrist by pushing an agenda that is not of God. Barack even hired a gay pastor to travel with him and Donnie McClurkin to black churches and was welcomed with open arms. What is this? Isn't AIDS the number 1 killer of black people? Isn't abortion black genecide with 1400 performed every day in the black community? Wasn't the black church once the pillar of our community and the moral guide for our youth? Now, all of these things are being undone and reversed because of the antichrist agenda that is working behind the scenes. What a perfect setup!

Don't get me wrong. White people are as much to blame for the "vote black" mindset as blacks are. You see, if the white leaders of this nation had stood up for blacks in America and confessed their wrong treatment of us and repented openly about it, then healing could have taken place. They should have put our history in the white history books and they should have repented openly and made real atonement for the unjust treatment of our people a long time ago. You can't sweep 400 years of oppression under a rug and expect it to vanish. It's still there and it requires effort to correct more than just 1 month of the year. You see, racism is at the forefront of American politics now because it's been ignored and hidden for so many years. Don't get me wrong, I do feel that we have progressed some as a people, yet we have so many issues because we have not had proper healing from what happened to us. With that said, when the black man that was pushed to the back of the bus sees Obama, he sees justice. When the black woman that was called Nigger all her young life sees Obama, she sees justice. When the preachers that saw the White churches prosper and the black churches shunned see Obama, they see justice. White people that are reading this will never understand what it feels like to be discriminated against because of color. They don't know what it feels like to be called an animal or less than human and treated like a reject! But blacks have experienced that and it's caused us to want justice on a grand scale. And to many, Barack Obama represents progress, justice, and atonement for our people.

But, if his policy and his morality does not line up with the God we serve as true believers, then is it justice or is it a setup? Those of us that have been discriminated against and treated unfairly by whites because of our race need healing. And because this nation has not offered us a just version of healing or payed us just due, we are still hurting as a race of people. But isn't that what Jesus is all about? Wasn't he the savior of Israel when they were in bondage? Didn't he show himself mighty in their time of turmoil and unjust treatment? Isn't that when the power of God comes into play? Don't miss it people of God. Jesus, not Obama, is the real answer here and we must push him instead of a political system! We must stand on the word of God and not waver in this coming election. If you cast your vote for a man that is for the agenda of the antichrist, you have just passed the mark of the beast test and proven that you will accept the mark, even if it goes against your convictions as a believer and your bible that you read. Come on saints of God, stand up. Don't let anyone sway you here. It's late in the hour and Jesus is taking notes on where you stand. Your vote is your stand. And it would be better to not vote at all than to cast a vote for the very agenda that the antichrist will promote.

Rev. 2:29 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.
Rev. 3:6 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.
Rev. 3:13 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.
Rev. 3:22 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

Looking for the rapture,
G. Craige Lewis

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Mind Control pt. 1

"Wake up people your under mind control."

Television May Be Doing Your Thinking

(NaturalNews) The world’s biggest leisure activity is watching television. Not walking or reading, not playing games with our children, not engaging with others in outdoor activities. Most of us like to think that television has absolutely no effect on how we think or what we do. We believe that it is a way to relax. Many of us may be surprised to know that television is a controlling medium, relaxing us enough to switch off our analytical brain (the left side of the brain) so that we uncritically, or unlogically, process the information beaming from the television. This means we are less able to make decisions or judgments about what we hear on television.

Our brains undergo a similar process under hypnosis. The similarity between hypnosis and the effects of watching television is unveiled in Dr Aric Sigman’s book called Remotely Controlled. Sigman describes hypnosis as “an altered state of consciousness”; a form of sleepwalking where our mind is influenced by another (the hypnotist or practitioner).

Under hypnosis we become more open to the suggestions of the practitioner and this happens as we are asked to refrain from being critical and relaxed. As we do this, the frontal lobe in our brain alters becoming less connected with the brain so that we switch off. Hypnosis effectively causes a change in the brain so that we use the right side of our brain. What we switch off is the left side used for critical thinking.

While hypnosis may be considered an extreme or unusual solution to certain conditions, it only takes 30 seconds for us to be in a similar state when we switch on the television. Such were the findings from Professor Herbert Krugman in a study conducted in 1971. His conclusion was that we do not think about the information transmitted via television. In other words the way television communicates is a form of brainwashing.

Left in this state for some time can mean that we become less inventive in problem-solving and less able to concentrate. This suits some environments. In the UK, television is used to keep prisoners quiet. It is regarded as one of the best types of control mechanisms by the General Secretary of the Prison Governors’ Association. Prisoners are subjected to the tranquillising effects of television which subdues behaviour, and the other benefit is that it is a cheap and effective way to do that.

The frontal lobe also alters in the brain when watching television. The frontal lobe is an important part of the brain as it is a management type system ensuring that our self-control, moral judgment and attention is planned, organised and sequenced. The concern is that the frontal lobe may be damaged by watching television and this may happen in childhood because the frontal lobe is in a continual stage of development until around 20 years of age.

When children watch television, the frontal lobe is not doing anything with the result that over a period of time this part of the brain doesn’t develop which can then stunt development. A study in The World Federation of Neurology outlined concerns about the impact of visual electronic media (including television) on children because of stunted frontal lobe development which also impacts on their ability to control antisocial behaviour. Playing and interacting with others is recommended to encourage the fibres in the frontal lobe to develop and thicken and to make stronger connections to neurons.

It is not the information itself that causes the problem, but rather the medium. Somehow we are electrically wired to the television enabling information to be absorbed – any information. The medium induces within us a passive state for communication. If we are unconsciously absorbing information, then what is this information doing to the way we think and act? Of course, the medium is a perfect match for advertisers.

How much are we influenced by the opinions of others presented on TV? Ask how you came by that opinion – was it someone else’s opinion that you’ve unconsciously accepted. Is your view of the latest international news event – consider the Russia vs Georgia crisis – shaped by what you hear? For example, I started to believe what I was hearing regarding this ‘crisis’ (ie that one country was the problem), until I was reminded of the history and other related events. Do you find yourself arguing forcefully about an issue then wondered how, or even why, you had that point of view?

The other aspect of television to consider is the amount of negative information that is transmitted. There are a few stories that are uplifting and empowering. Some groups recommend staying away from television particularly the news because of what they see as it’s potential to negatively impact on enthusiasm, positive thinking, and self esteem. Do an experiment and stop watching television for a few days or a week, then assess how you feel in general. Once you start watching television again, reassess.

While we may look after our physical body, eating well and exercising, we also have a duty to look after our mental body, feeding it with positive stimulation. In a positive environment, we become positive, influencing others to be positive.

Source: ‘Weapons of Mass Induction’ an article in Kindred based on an excerpt of a book by Dr Aric Sigman called Remotely Controlled (Kindred 22: Aug 2007 see

Sites with suggestions on the use of television with children:

Hitler planned 'Big Brother' style television to broadcast Nazi propaganda

Hitler planned 'Big Brother' style television to broadcast Nazi propaganda
By Will Stewart
Last updated at 11:14 PM on 21st October 2008
Comments (0) Add to My Stories Adolf Hitler was on the verge of creating a 'Big Brother' style version of cable television to broadcast Nazi propaganda
Adolf Hitler was on the verge of creating an Orwellian-style cable TV system to broadcast Nazi propaganda around Germany.

Screens would have been set up in public places, including in laundries so housewives could tune in, according to a documentary based on papers and tapes found in his bunker.

When the Allies overran Germany, engineers were on the point of a technological breakthrough to allow TV pictures to be transmitted to screens and sound to radio receivers.

They had also recorded programmes on news, sport and education.

Prototype programmes included Family Chronicles: An Evening With Hans And Gelli, an early reality TV show depicting the wholesome Aryan life of a young German couple for the rest of the population to model themselves on.

Another plan was to show footage of executions of traitors to the Nazis.

The plans first came to light in 1945, when boxes with tapes were found in the ruins of Berlin by Soviet soldiers, the Russian documentary says.

According to the programme, the engineer Walter Bruch was asked to make 'people's television' a reality.

He tabled a document to Hitler called 'Plan to supply people's transmitter to German homes,' and the laying of a broadband cable between Berlin and Nuremberg was begun, it claimed.
Mass television broadcasts by Big Brother were a fundamental part of the regime in Orwell's 1984
A former SS officer, Curt Schulmeitser, told the programme how a relative of Hitler's mistress Eva Braun was filmed being shot after being caught trying to flee Berlin as the Soviet army advanced.
Schulmeitser said Hitler's deputy Heinrich Himmler authorised the filming and hinted it was being filmed for Hitler to watch.
He said: 'Himmler wanted somebody else in a different place to see what was going on.'
Josef Hebbels, who masterminded the plan, told Rudolph Hess's sister Margaret, who was also working on the scheme: 'We'll be able to show whatever we want. We'll create a reality, which the people of Germany need and can copy. Your task is to teach German women to live this way'.
Hitler early on realised the power of television propaganda. His address at the opening ceremony of the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936 was broadcast to system of bulky mobile TV stations where Germans could watch in town squares.
But the programme claims the Nazi leader and his scientists were planning a far more complex series of public TV screens before the allies overran Germany and he committed suicide in 1945.
The scheme is reminiscent of George Orwell's novel 1984, where Big Brother looms out from public screens entreating the subdued populace to work for the state and telling them 'Big Brother is watching you'.
The reality television show, Big Brother, in which contestants are under constant surveillance, is based on Orwell's concept.

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"learn about Propaganda before you vote"

Learn about Propaganda at wikipedia before you vote

Propaganda is a concerted set of messages aimed at influencing the opinions or behaviors of large numbers of people. As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense presents information in order to influence its audience. Propaganda often presents facts selectively (thus lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or gives loaded messages in order to produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented. The desired result is a change of the cognitive narrative of the subject in the target audience to further a political agenda.

Propaganda is the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist. Propaganda is neutrally defined as a systematic form of purposeful persuasion that attempts to influence the emotions, attitudes, opinions, and actions of specified target audiences for ideological, political or commercial porposes through the controlled transmission of one-sided messages (which may or may not be factual) via mass and direct media channels. A propaganda organization employs propagandists who engage in propagandism—the applied creation and distribution of such forms of persuasion."
Richard Alan Nelson, A Chronology and Glossary of Propaganda in the United States, 1996

Roderick Hindery argues[1] that propaganda exists on the political left, and right, and in mainstream centrist parties. Hindery further argues that debates about most social issues can be productively revisited in the context of asking "what is or is not propaganda?" Not to be overlooked is the link between propaganda, indoctrination, and terrorism/counterterrorism. He argues that threats to destroy are often as socially disruptive as physical devastation itself.

A series of American propaganda posters during World War II appealed to servicemen's patriotism to protect themselves from venereal disease. The text at the bottom of the poster reads, "You can't beat the Axis if you get VD".
Propaganda also has much in common with public information campaigns by governments, which are intended to encourage or discourage certain forms of behavior (such as wearing seat belts, not smoking, not littering and so forth). Again, the emphasis is more political in propaganda. Propaganda can take the form of leaflets, posters, TV and radio broadcasts and can also extend to any other medium. In the case of the United States, there is also an important legal (imposed by law) distinction between advertising (a type of overt propaganda) and what the Government Accountability Office (GAO), an arm of the United States Congress, refers to as "covert propaganda."

Journalistic theory generally holds that news items should be objective, giving the reader an accurate background and analysis of the subject at hand. On the other hand, advertisements evolved from the traditional commercial advertisements to include also a new type in the form of paid articles or broadcasts disguised as news. These generally present an issue in a very subjective and often misleading light, primarily meant to persuade rather than inform. Normally they use only subtle propaganda techniques and not the more obvious ones used in traditional commercial advertisements. If the reader believes that a paid advertisement is in fact a news item, the message the advertiser is trying to communicate will be more easily "believed" or "internalized."

Such advertisements are considered obvious examples of "covert" propaganda because they take on the appearance of objective information rather than the appearance of propaganda, which is misleading. Federal law specifically mandates that any advertisement appearing in the format of a news item must state that the item is in fact a paid advertisement. The Bush Administration has been criticized for allegedly producing and disseminating covert propaganda in the form of television programs, aired in the United States, which appeared to be legitimate news broadcasts and did not include any information signifying that the programs were not generated by a private-sector news source.[

Propaganda, in a narrower use of the term, connotes deliberately false or misleading information that supports or furthers a political (but not only) cause or the interests of those with power. The propagandist seeks to change the way people understand an issue or situation for the purpose of changing their actions and expectations in ways that are desirable to the interest group. Propaganda, in this sense, serves as a corollary to censorship in which the same purpose is achieved, not by filling people's minds with approved information, but by preventing people from being confronted with opposing points of view. What sets propaganda apart from other forms of advocacy is the willingness of the propagandist to change people's understanding through deception and confusion rather than persuasion and understanding. The leaders of an organization know the information to be one sided or untrue, but this may not be true for the rank and file members who help to disseminate the propaganda.

More in line with the religious roots of the term, it is also used widely in the debates about new religious movements (NRMs), both by people who defend them and by people who oppose them. The latter pejoratively call these NRMs cults. Anti-cult activists and countercult activists accuse the leaders of what they consider cults of using propaganda extensively to recruit followers and keep them. Some social scientists, such as the late Jeffrey Hadden, and CESNUR affiliated scholars accuse ex-members of "cults" who became vocal critics and the anti-cult movement of making these unusual religious movements look bad without sufficient reasons.[3][4]

The much-imitated 1914 "Lord Kitchener Wants You!" poster
Propaganda is a powerful weapon in war; it is used to dehumanize and create hatred toward a supposed enemy, either internal or external, by creating a false image in the mind. This can be done by using derogatory or racist terms, avoiding some words or by making allegations of enemy atrocities. Most propaganda wars require the home population to feel the enemy has inflicted an injustice, which may be fictitious or may be based on facts. The home population must also decide that the cause of their nation is just. Propaganda is also one of the methods used in psychological warfare, which may also involve false flag operations. The term propaganda may also refer to false information meant to reinforce the mindsets of people who already believe as the propagandist wishes. The assumption is that, if people believe something false, they will constantly be assailed by doubts. Since these doubts are unpleasant (see cognitive dissonance), people will be eager to have them extinguished, and are therefore receptive to the reassurances of those in power. For this reason propaganda is often addressed to people who are already sympathetic to the agenda. This process of reinforcement uses an individual's predisposition to self-select "agreeable" information sources as a mechanism for maintaining control.

Propaganda can be classified according to the source and nature of the message. White propaganda generally comes from an openly identified source, and is characterized by gentler methods of persuasion, such as standard public relations techniques and one-sided presentation of an argument. Black propaganda is identified as being from one source, but is in fact from another. This is most commonly to disguise the true origins of the propaganda, be it from an enemy country or from an organization with a negative public image. Grey propaganda is propaganda without any identifiable source or author. A major application of grey propaganda is making enemies believe falsehoods using straw arguments: As phase one, to make someone believe "A", one releases as grey propaganda "B", the opposite of "A". In phase two, "B" is discredited using some strawman. The enemy will then assume "A" to be true.

In scale, these different types of propaganda can also be defined by the potential of true and correct information to compete with the propaganda. For example, opposition to white propaganda is often readily found and may slightly discredit the propaganda source. Opposition to grey propaganda, when revealed (often by an inside source), may create some level of public outcry. Opposition to black propaganda is often unavailable and may be dangerous to reveal, because public cognizance of black propaganda tactics and sources would undermine or backfire the very campaign the black propagandist supported.

Poster for the World War II film The First of the Few (Spitfire)
Propaganda may be administered in insidious ways. For instance, disparaging disinformation about the history of certain groups or foreign countries may be encouraged or tolerated in the educational system. Since few people actually double-check what they learn at school, such disinformation will be repeated by journalists as well as parents, thus reinforcing the idea that the disinformation item is really a "well-known fact", even though no one repeating the myth is able to point to an authoritative source. The disinformation is then recycled in the media and in the educational system, without the need for direct governmental intervention on the media. Such permeating propaganda may be used for political goals: by giving citizens a false impression of the quality or policies of their country, they may be incited to reject certain proposals or certain remarks or ignore the experience of others. See also: black propaganda, marketing, advertising

Common media for transmitting propaganda messages include news reports, government reports, historical revision, junk science, books, leaflets, movies, radio, television, and posters. In the case of radio and television, propaganda can exist on news, current-affairs or talk-show segments, as advertising or public-service announce "spots" or as long-running advertorials. Propaganda campaigns often follow a strategic transmission pattern to indoctrinate the target group. This may begin with a simple transmission such as a leaflet dropped from a plane or an advertisement. Generally these messages will contain directions on how to obtain more information, via a web site, hot line, radio program, et cetera (as it is seen also for selling purposes among other goals). The strategy intends to initiate the individual from information recipient to information seeker through reinforcement, and then from information seeker to opinion leader through indoctrination.

A number of techniques based in social psychological research are used to generate propaganda. Many of these same techniques can be found under logical fallacies, since propagandists use arguments that, while sometimes convincing, are not necessarily valid.

Some time has been spent analyzing the means by which propaganda messages are transmitted. That work is important but it is clear that information dissemination strategies only become propaganda strategies when coupled with propagandistic messages. Identifying these messages is a necessary prerequisite to study the methods by which those messages are spread. Below are a number of techniques for generating propaganda: Techniques
See also: doublespeak, cult of personality, spin (politics), demonization, and factoid
Common media for transmitting propaganda messages include news reports, government reports, historical revision, junk science, books, leaflets, movies, radio, television, and posters. In the case of radio and television, propaganda can exist on news, current-affairs or talk-show segments, as advertising or public-service announce "spots" or as long-running advertorials. Propaganda campaigns often follow a strategic transmission pattern to indoctrinate the target group. This may begin with a simple transmission such as a leaflet dropped from a plane or an advertisement. Generally these messages will contain directions on how to obtain more information, via a web site, hot line, radio program, et cetera (as it is seen also for selling purposes among other goals). The strategy intends to initiate the individual from information recipient to information seeker through reinforcement, and then from information seeker to opinion leader through indoctrination.

A number of techniques based in social psychological research are used to generate propaganda. Many of these same techniques can be found under logical fallacies, since propagandists use arguments that, while sometimes convincing, are not necessarily valid.

Some time has been spent analyzing the means by which propaganda messages are transmitted. That work is important but it is clear that information dissemination strategies only become propaganda strategies when coupled with propagandistic messages. Identifying these messages is a necessary prerequisite to study the methods by which those messages are spread. Below are a number of techniques for generating propaganda: